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Writing chat

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Customers can be rude. Their writing can be unclear. While the two channels do require some of the same writing skills — using correct grammar, writing in a friendly tone — a great writer and a great chat writer are as different as an Olympic sprinter and a World Cup goalie. These athletes might share the same peak-level fitness, but they use chag muscles to win.

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Not in North America? Convert to your time zone.

If you do not want to install a special program to participate in the chat, there chay some Web sites that have built-in clients. Another client can be found here.

It will open up some new windows. If you need assistance, contact Broker. You can use cuat IRC program or client on your computer to connect to the chat.

The SlashNET linked above lists some popular clients. If you have never used IRC before, you can find information and advice at ircbeginner.

Connect to one of the SlashNET servers. To connect to the chat over the Web: Open up www.

Fill in the form as follows: Nickname the name you want to use for the chat Server irc. The chat opens in a new window it may take a dhat moments.