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Stepsister sex chat bot

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My dad had gotten me a used sex-bot.

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My dad had gotten me a used sex-bot. That was Where the hell did you ever get a used sex-bot? God, I was going to be the laughing stock of my whole school. Even my stepmother was smiling. Um, does it Like you would even suggest that your dad would get you defective equipment. As long as sex stepmom held sway, dad would cave. If there was anything new that was going to be bought for me or my stepsister, I had chat doubt that it was going to be Brenda, who was going to get it.

There was nothing left to do though but to turn it on. On boot up, it should have been up and running in less than thirty seconds, but this piece of crap was taking a couple of minutes at least. Looking the part up on the web showed that at a minimum, the stepsister had to be at least 12 years old but more likely than not, it was more like 15 or 16 years old. That in and of itself was surprising. Not new, of course, but I would have guessed bot couple of years max, and no way would I have said That was definitely surprising.

A web search for slow start up times revealed nothing but there was a suggestion that insufficient memory might impact system performance.

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Did that include start-up times? This model allowed you to have it run internal diagnostics but unlike later models, you actually had to open her up. It took me forever to get inside the thing. The sex-bot seemed to go blank and then it started to display information on a built in screen. Sure enough, the first thing I saw was an insufficient memory message. Internal displays showed that the on-board memory was actually greater than what was shipped by default from the factory which meant someone had already upgraded the memory.

But if it was having memory issues, why did adding more memory make it worse. Still, if adding more memory was going to solve the problem, hey, that was something I could handle. Memory was cheap, so I went to the store and I bought a boatload of memory and I dumped the whole thing in the sex-bot. This time, the on-board diagnostics came back clean. No memory problems at all. Okay, I told myself. So it should work this time, right?

Boy did it. When I tried restarting the sex-bot, the thing started right up. Okay, I thought. There were other gotchas and like I said, it was a used sex-bot.

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Finally, not having anything better to do, I downloaded the software. Like that was going to do anything.

It was clear the code was written in two different styles, almost as if someone had written one part of the code, and someone else had written another part of the code. Hell, for all I knew, maybe that was the way software was written, but it looked strange to me.

Maybe if I had, maybe I would have figured it out in time. By the time I finally got my sex-bot up and running, word had gotten around school that my dad had bought me a used sex-bot. Actually, if you asked me, I would have bet on Brenda being the source of that. I was pissed, but what was I going to do. Well yeah, I suppose I could have, but then someone would have asked me to prove it and the only thing worse than having to lie about something like that is when you finally get caught in the lie.

Perhaps the worst of the kids was Billy Mortensen. Why do you say that? Or better yet. Leave it alone.

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Just leave it alone, okay? Billy knew it and I knew it. It would probably last as long as Hillary was around but once she was gone, the teasing would continue. We both knew it. I caught up with Hillary as she was starting to walk away. All you have to do is ignore him, because next time, I may not be there to bail your butt out of trouble.

And all the while, I kept working on my sex-bot. I had the feeling I was learning a lot. I mean, I was doing all this research on swx Internet and I had the feeling that if I kept this up, maybe I could actually apply for a job building sex-bots. And I was learning a lot more, too. And oh yeah, there was one other thing I was certain of. Billy Mortensen was still a dick. It was the same old thing.

What makes you say that? They dtepsister the fun was about to begin again.

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It was almost an imperceptible shift but it hcat a shift nonetheless. People were starting to wonder if Billy really was scared and that was something Billy could not tolerate. Your bot fucks me. Mine fucks you.

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The first one of us that cums is the loser. He and everyone else knew that his sex-bot had the new vibra-pussy. It was guaranteed to make a guy cum in like nothing flat. Then prove it. She saw me and then she shook her head before she walked away. It was a party atmosphere by the time I arrived there with my sex-bot. A lot of the kids were there just because it was a party. A lot of them were there to see a show, but a good of them were there because this was the first chance any of them had had to see my bot.

I could sense the response as me and my bot walked in. The kids took one look at her and I knew what they were thinking. This was going to be over fast. Billy and me, we took up our positions on two deck chairs around the pool and then the two sex-bots came to us, his to me and mine to him, and they straddled our cocks. Tori Wayan, the captain of the cheerleaders, stepped out of the crowd.

Billy nodded and I did, too. Let the games begin. Her pussy was just that good. Her pussy seemed cnat automatically find the right amount of pressure against my cock and then her pussy started to vibrate and damn, that was good. But then I heard Billy groan and I knew I had it won and after that, I just sat back and let myself enjoy the show. Instinctively, I knew.

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Your cock is so big. You make me so hot. Oh my God. I need you to make me cum. I need your cum.

Give it to me. Give it to me please. Make me cum. Make me cum so hard. It was the way she said it. I could feel my dick twinge but that was all. Well the first thing I was going to do was obvious. stepsiser

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Her patter was simple. My new master has commanded me to find as many cocks as possible to fuck so that I can see what a wimp he stepxister is. Would you fuck me please?