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We use cookies to collect information about how you use GOV.

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We use this information to make the website work as well as possible and improve government services. You can change your cookie settings at any time. This publication is d under the terms of the Open Government Licence v3. To view this licence, visit nationalarchives. Where we have identified any third party copyright information you will need to obtain permission from the copyright holders concerned. Universal Credit is an in and out sez work benefit.

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It has been introduced to give you the support you need to find and progress in work. We want you to be able to benefit from all the positives that work brings. This guide will help you do that. In most cases, Universal Credit claims are made online.

You will then meet your work coach at an interview in your local jobcentre. The work coach will be able to guide and support you and, where appropriate, help you into work by providing personalised advice using their knowledge of local work opportunities. Alternatively, you may be given a case manager to help you. If you are unable to use the online claims process, even with assistance - for example, you are unable to access the internet due to a health condition or disability that limits what you can do, you will need to call the Universal Credit helpline.

Most Universal Credit claimants manage their Universal Credit claim through their online.

You can use your to report changes, get support and use your journal to send messages to your work coach. Almost all Universal Credit claims will be managed using an online. If you need some help to use the internet please talk to your work coach or case manager about the support available near you. A request for a home visit can be made via your online sxe or by calling the Universal Credit helpline.

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The DWP Visiting Team will call you to book a visit and tell you what to expect, including how to. Following the call you will receive confirmation of the booking via a letter or text message if you have provided a mobile telephone. The for this is included in the confirmation letter and text. As each visit is different it is not possible to say how long the visit will take or exactly what steps the visiting officer may take to help you.

You must arrange this by calling the on the confirmation letter or text before the visit. If you require help with making your Universal Credit claim by a home visit, the date of claim will be the date of first contact.

This is the case even when you are not actually able to complete the claim on that same day. It is important that you tell us about any changes to your circumstances straight away. For example:. Use your Universal Credit online to report changes by answering the questions on screen. The online Universal Credit service will yext explain how to report changes you cannot report tect at the moment. This includes anyone moving from another benefit to Universal Credit following a change in their circumstances.

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The Citizens Advice Help to Claim service offers you tailored, practical support to help you make a Universal Credit claim through to getting your first correct payment. Help to Claim can be accessed at any time until the first full correct payment of Universal Credit is in place. You can access the service online via webchat, through a freephone with your local Citizens Advice service. More information about Help to Claim if you live in England or Wales. Jogs information about Help to Claim f you live in Scotland.

When you claim Universal Credit there are a of activities you become responsible for in order to receive your payment.

More information about Universal Credit online. Reporting changes in circumstances, through jobe online or by calling tdxt Universal Credit helpline. You may be able to get an advance to help you manage until your first payment. When you claim Universal Credit you will need to complete and accept a tailored Claimant Commitment. In most cases your Claimant Commitment will be drawn up during a conversation with your work coach at your local jobcentre.

It will set out what you have agreed to do to prepare for and look for work when appropriateor to increase your earnings if you are already working. Your Claimant Commitment can be found on your online.

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It will be based on your personal circumstances and will take your health into. It will be reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis. Each time it is updated, you will need to accept the new Claimant Commitment to keep receiving Universal Credit. If you claim Universal Credit as a couple, both of you will need to accept an individual Claimant Commitment. Your Claimant Commitment may be affected if your partner starts work or their circumstances change.

We understand that it is sometimes difficult for you to talk to us about issues or challenges that you are experiencing, but your work coach is there to help you. It is really important that you tell your work coach about any issues you may have, including homelessness, addictions or poor mental health. Your Claimant Commitment will clearly state what will happen if you fail to meet one or more of your responsibilities.

If you are earning as much as can be expected in your current circumstances you will receive financial support without any other conditions to increase your earnings. You will need to do everything you reasonably can to give yourself the best chance of finding work.

You will be expected to spend the of hours agreed on your Claimant Commitment preparing for and getting a job. If you do not do this without a good reason you may receive a sanction. If you currently have limited capability for work, related to a disability or health condition, but this is expected to change over time. You will be supported until your circumstances improve and you can work.

You will be expected to prepare for work so far as you are able. You will not be required to texg or jobbs for work and will be supported through Universal Credit. More information about Health and Disability and Universal Credit.

You will be supported in your current circumstances. What is expected of you as a lead carer in return for getting Teext Credit will be based on the age of the youngest child in your household. In some situations jibs work-related requirements can be reduced for a period of time due to your personal circumstances. DWP calls these changes easements. You must let your work coach know if any of the situations below apply to you so they can agree suitable work related requirements for your Claimant Commitment.

Situations which result in compulsory easement of work-related requirements for those required to look for work:. Discretionary easements can be applied at the discretion of a work coach where it would be unreasonable sfx impose work-related requirements.

These cover domestic emergencies, homelessness and temporary childcare. Universal Credit is paid monthly directly into the you tell us about when you make your claim. The amount you get is calculated each month and depends on your circumstances and earnings during that time. This is known as an Assessment Period. Your Universal Credit payment is made up of a basic amount called a standard allowance plus any additional amounts depending on you and your households circumstances.

You should receive your first payment 7 days after joobs end of your first Assessment Period. You will then be able to view your payment details in your online.

Your payment will usually arrive on the same date each month or earlier if the date falls on a weekend or bank holiday. If you were ly in receipt of tax credits it is important to note that your tax credits will stop as soon as you make a claim to Universal Credit. Universal Credit: help with managing your money. Your personal circumstances will be assessed to work out the amount of Universal Credit you are entitled to.

Your payments will usually be calculated from the day you submit your claim and you will get jjobs first payment 7 days after the end of your first Assessment Period. Your payment will then be made on the same date every month while you remain entitled to Universal Credit. If your payment date is on a bank holiday or weekend you will be paid on the last working day before the bank holiday or weekend.

Universal Credit is paid monthly and you are required to budget monthly mobs first Universal Credit payment will be made 7 days after the end of your first Assessment Period. If you feel you may experience financial difficulties during the time between making your claim and receiving your first payment, you can apply for a Universal Credit advance.

You will need to repay the advance from your future Universal Credit payments over a maximum of 12 months. Deductions to repay an advance are made from your monthly Universal Credit payment.

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The first deduction is made on the day you get your first payment. This is only allowed in exceptional circumstances. Advances are usually paid into the bank that you are using for your Universal Credit claim within three working days. If a payment is needed more quickly, DWP can make a same day payment.

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These will only be made where there are exceptional circumstances, for example, where you do not have enough money to last the 3 working days until the advance is paid. You can apply for an advance through your online by asking your ojbs work coach or by calling the Universal Credit helpline. More information on this and other types of advances that are available. Not all requests for Alternative Payment Arrangements will be granted as each request will be considered on its own merits and against jobe eligibility criteria.

Alternative Payment Arrangements can be considered at any point during your Universal Credit claim. If you are currently applying, or are about to apply for Universal Credit, you can ask for an Alternative Payment Arrangement at your interview. You also need to be aware that should you fall into rent arrears, ku landlord can apply for a deduction directly from your Universal Credit payment. This will only apply if you are at least 2 months in arrears with your rent.