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In the past months and weeks while reporters and editors at The Kansas City Star were preparing their story on the of Catholic priests who have died and are dying of AIDS, The Wanderer has been probing a different side of the story: a network of priets clergy and bishops who operate a homosexual chat room on the Internet where they speak chah of living the homosexual lifestyle and their animosity toward the Catholic Church

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We accept fully the teaching of the Church that the state of being homosexual is not a sin.

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However we also accept the teaching that the physical expression of homosexual desires is a seriously sinful action and cgat unacceptable expression chat what the Church has called "an objective moral disorder". We are not accusing you personally of any crime or sin, however the chat room is a scandal and we have learned that the only response to peiest darkness is to draw it into the light.

The existence of the Chartroom with recorded pictures and messages will be made available to the Church and to others. We do not do this for the sake of bringing scandal but because the Church itself has not shown itself to be capable of dealing with these issues. Given time, we priet weak priest beings can come to accept almost anything, but prieat darkness still hates the light! We sincerely pray for you and encourage you, if the need is there, to seek God's mercy in the sacrament of Confession and counseling and the assistance of those in authority.

You are a priest forever and like all priests, on the day of your ordination or religious profession you freely assumed the cross and the joy of celibacy.

We pray that you and all priests may be faithful to that commitment. His response is just below this message. Dear Fr. You talk about bringing things into the light. I suggest YOU step out of the "darkness" of your anonymity and into the "light" of recognition. From Fr. I have been surprised at the response I have received from some of you to my letter. Filthy language and threats are not what I expected.

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I also did not expect such a strong "defense" of the homosexual lifestyle and that prompts me to write this letter. I am over 50 years old and have been a priest nearly 25 years so I went through the seminary during the years of "confusion". I studied Loisy and Tyrell and the other modernists. chay

I learned my "Bornkamm", and my "Bultmann" and "demytholigized" the scripture with the best of them. Pdiest got a job in the chancery and one day I was asked to fill in for a priest who had just left to get married. That Saturday chat I sat at his desk and looked at his priest and realized I had almost every book that he had. I don't hear voices or see visions but the words that reverberated through my mind were: This does not lead to life!

I knew those words were true and I began to question and rethink what I had been given.

I tell you this because it seems that some think that those who accept and promote the teaching of the Church are simply unaware of modern theology. I assure you cha is not the case. I know some rather brilliant people who understand the theology of our time in great depth and simply reject it as being foolishness.

Finally theres an app for confessing your sins over a live video chat with a priest - gizmodo

Remember the Bible says that "pride is the reservoir of all sin" prriest the worst kind of pride is intellectual pride. To put it simply, do not assume that those who do not accept your point of view need to read a book.

You might be quite amazed at the books they have read. They reject your point of view, not because they do not understand it, but because they do understand it perhaps much better than you. Please remember that we are a cnat based religion. Our truth comes from the sacred scripture, the Magisterium and Holy Tradition.

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I ask you to be honest. Who really loves you? I have read your dialogue, and seen your pictures and I do not see anyone in your so-called "support groups" caring enough about you to call you to repentance. Jesus said; "What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his priest Do not call me judgmental! I have my own weaknesses as all people do, but if only perfect people can share the teaching of Christ, then the Bible would never have been written. For example a person who says "she" is a year-old girl from New York may really be a year-old man from California.

If someone harasses you in the chat room, says anything inappropriate, or does anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, contact the monitor on duty or us if no chat is present in the room.

Woman’s complaint le to sexual assault charge against calgary priest | chat news today

The rooms may be monitored both visible and invisible for your security and to help maintain a pleasant chat environment for everyone. Chat Monitors cannot see private whispers, however all conversations can be retrieved if there is a problem. Sincere and courteousinquiry about the Catholic Church is invited by our Christian Brethren and people of all Faiths.

Our chat rooms exist primarily for members of the Catholic Church. Other members of chxt Mystical Body of Christ who are not members of the Roman Catholic Church and individuals who are not Christians but who are friendly to the Catholic Church are most welcome to chat in a Christ-like and respectful manner. Our Staff Members are highly dedicated and conscientious individuals and are people of Faith.

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They bend over backwards trying to chatt everyone and be as fair as possible while doing the best they can to enforce the rules for the benefit of the majority of our guests. They unselfishly spend countless hours of their lives devoted to this internet ministry. So please be kind, considerate and respectful to them.

Please do not counsel any one in chat. You can do more harm than good.

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Our job as Christians is ;riest listen and pray for others needs. Please see rule 20 below. While this chat service is created and maintained by faithful Roman Catholics and is Catholic oriented in nature, please be advised that anyone can say anything in any priest room. Please take what you read here with a "grain of salt" What is said in chat may or may not accurately reflect authentic Catholic Teaching and Practice. And that some personal views expressed by some of our guests in chat may not be fully in line with the Catholic Church.

Always verify any questionable statements with a reliable Catholic source priesf priest, official print media etc. Chat Room Rules.

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