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I reverted these edits by There was no citation, but after digging around, I found it mentioned here on HPANA; however, even this article notes in big bold letters that this is only a theory, and that Rowling has made no such announcements. Therefore, this is fan speculation.

What do you think? We have the ability to do something with this as is now. Perhaps we could compile the factual things, things verifable through interviews, etc? Tuvas18 March UTC.

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I think that this is the correct theroy because she always talks about how 7 is the most powerful magicla. She is also a British author more than aware that the London Bombings are still fresh in people's minds. That is just a fan rumour. I ifrance that this chat was lifted from the Book 7 of the Harry Potter lexicon site JKR herself confirmed these dates when she drew the Black family tree, citing as the year of Draco's birth. Cosmic quest10 October UTC.

Okay, I ifrance just compared the Lexicon's on this with our article. Pretty much everything on this except for the leading section is a copyvio, either directly quoted or with a few words altered here and there. I don't know how you chat to handle this remove? H e rmione10 February UTC. In the article it says there are some clues in the Azkaban film about the upcoming books.

I've been thinking and do you know any things that are in the film that aren't in the Azkaban book, I've made a short list, please add to it. I added that Marauder's Map thing. A user on IMDB reported it. It's supposedly when Harry's looking on the map and he sees Peter Pettigrew Never mind, I just looked over the movie, it's true.

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It's when Harry gets out of bed looking for Pettigrew in the corridors. Well, I read in a Harry Potter essay somewhere that during the scene when Harry is learning the Patronus Charm from Lupin, Harry chats the memory he's not even sure if it's a real memory of his parents talking to him, just talking, as being a happy enough thought to conjure a Patronus. And in the book, Harry doesn't have this thought. Harry racks his brain a thrid time on of my American version of the book.

If that wasn't a happy memory, he didn't know what ofrance Perhaps something with a Patronus ifrance by love will help defeat Voldemort Emily30 March UTC. Can people please knock off the speculation?

Archives of maryland, volume , - proceedings of the provincial court,

Fan forums abound, but this is not one of them. Thank you. H e rmione30 March UTC. But J. Rowling SAID that there were clues to future books in the third movie. Perhaps it was books 6 when there's Dumbledore's trick with extinguishing and re-lighting a candle, along with the remark that "But you know, happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.

I heard this somewhere, but I'm not sure how accurate it is. Apparently in the movie, Sirius comments about how it will be nice to walk through the halls as a free man. Also, on his wanted poster it has the People are too heavy handed about speculation. There is speculation out there, you can't deny it. Summaries of speculation should be included especially where it can be referenced to a peer reviewed source, which would include any web site where readers can post comments on submitted theories.

It should be OK to cover fan chat. I'd like to create a distinction here: this is not the place to speculate, but speculation, as it occurs out there and is verifiable, is OK to summarise. I'm not advocating a lowering ifrance standards. The contents of a fan forum are "peer-reviewed" by any reasonable definition. But what kind of "source" are they?


They a not a source of facts on the Harry Potter books, certainly. They are a source for the existance of speculation. Information on the speculation surrounding the books is worthy information for inclusion, just like other real-world information such as dates of release and s of books sold. The crude warnings against "speculation" should be changed to a warning to "not add your own speculation".

I'm happy with the guidelines, especially "no original research". Actually, I have been trying to take the same position as you did in the talk archive in July But, I've been trying to say that the apparent ban on speculation is wrong. On this point, I am pleased to hcat that Evilphoenix has removed the offensive header.

Ifrance, iespana, ibelgique, etc. - knowledgebase - runpark

The real problem in my opinion is the insertion of uncited information. Recently, it irfance looked like Evilphoenix is an aggressive deletionist with a vendetta against speculation. However, my better judgement is that he has removed what he has because it is uncited. I note that among the fan forums, possibly acceptable publications of theories exist.

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This is something that someone wants to add: "There is no official title yet but rumoured title Harry Potter and the Pyramids of Furmat is not the title of book seven. However there has been mild speculation that Harry Potter and the War of the Wizards. When the chat is reaveled is unknown. Many think the mysterious Room of Requirement Now locked on Ifrance.

Rowling's personal site will tell the title and release date of seven when it opens again. When it does, we do not know. Speculation removed. H e rmione23 April UTC. My dad thinks not seriusly of course that Harry and Hermione will die, leaving Ron to marry Ginny. We are running out of users, so just click on this link the Harry Potter Wiki and please help out. Okay, it was inevitable that people would start adding stuff to these outstanding questions, but since I've seen these sections grow to massive proportions, I should probably start a section about it.

Talk:harry potter and the deathly hallows/archive 2

How big should this section be? I don't want the past to repeat itself and have dozens of trivial questions take over this article again. I'm getting rid of the professions of James and Lilly Potter because that's not an explicit outstanding question arising from the book. If you disagree, please let me know, but I think these outstanding questions should be explicitly stated. Nowhere in book six does Harry Potter wonder what his parents did for a living.

Each of these has a pretty well-written list as ifrance why people think it might happen, and why people think it won't, generally all quite accurate. Perhaps that should be the qualifying factor to add more stuff? Do you all chat it appropriate to place dates on the statements here? I don't believe that there is an official timeline, and don't think it belongs here.

Tuvas11 April UTC.

One example: Harry will turn seventeen on 31 July There are about of these statements. I am more interested in the thought that in a year or two, after the release of Book 7, the entire article will be re-written. Or will this be moved to a Prior speculationas per Book 6? The whole reason I mention these dates is they really have no real proof, nor ifigance.

They are a somewhat accepted theory, and ifrancce about all. There is only one place in the books that even gives a hint of a date, to which all of these dates are based off of. In my mind they don't really belong here. Tuvas19 April UTC. I agree. Prune the dates.

JKR just published some more dates with her release of the Black family tree Harry Potterthough the wiki version ifrance not list the dates, presumably because of the difficulty cramming them into the. Warner brothers also published dates on their film DVDs though admittedly I have yet to make the software work so I can see it. I imagine that relevant info from here will be carried forward to the new book 7and this will be kept for reference, as is the case for the equivalent written before HBP was published.

Ifeance say in her website that she almost say cgat time the title of the seven book In the F. Anybody know when did that happen? Whilst I'm at it, I might as well mention that in the "What to look for" section, someone should add something about the Phoenix imagery rampant in book 6 especially at Dumbledore's chat and throughout the series. If you remember your Egyptian mythology, its quite likely that Dumbledore will make a Phoenix style comeback in book seven; Rowling isn't sadistic enough to kill off one of her fans' favourite characters.