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July 18, Share Sometimes it's difficult to talk openly about your bisexuality because it isn't often something, if ever something, that you do.

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Through being interviewed while in the closet, the avenue for sharing your truth has been made clear.

How to maneuver dating apps when you're bisexual

After that initial deep breath before the questions start, you begin to feel yourself start to breathe normally again, perhaps better than you had before, despite there still being a small sense of reluctance to spill the beans to someone you have never met. I've been interviewing people who are in the closet for a few months now and on my side, I feel nothing but excitement being able eith hear the unique stories from each and womn one of these individuals who identify as bi.

They all have their reasons for staying in the closet: religion, family, community, career, public opinion, safety, self-hate, and self-control. For any given phone interview for this 'closet project' as I call it it starts out like this: First I thank them for participating and then I tell them to take a deep breath, stay calm, speak clearly, that there will be ten questions, and that the interview should last about twenty to thirty minutes.

I can sense their nervousness. There's always a big sigh and then a single word or a short sentence.

Bisexual feelings and self doubt

If I sense they don't know what else to say, I ask if they will elaborate on what they've just said, but most times people keep talking for a good while. I can then sense the excitement they feel about getting to talk about something that has seemed like they would never get to speak these words, and the metaphorical giant boulder tied to their back finally crumbles away.

I start the questions with fear and limits, and I end on joy and comfort. That first question I want them to answer spontaneously and from the heart.

For the last question I want them to reach deep within their souls and think on the answer awhile, because sometimes while living a life in fear you forget what truly makes you feel comfortable. I like to think this helps them by ending on that note. I like to think every one of them is smiling as we say our goodbyes and they hang up their phones.

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I'm probably right. It's been a thrill compiling these people's stories for the world.

Dith different degrees to how far back in the closet each of them are, and I'm always amazed at how bravely some of them have stepped out at times throughout the years, if even with a single toe outside that door. In the past, bisexuals would often need to head to bars and nightclubs if they wanted to find potential partners in their area, however, times have changed thanks to dating sites like ours.

You can now head online whenever you like and enjoy amazing conversation with like-minded people. Register for free now to find out more. Love and romance may be just around the corner!

Chatting with bi people who are in the closet |

Most Popular s on tendermeets. And it's a deeply offensive, stereotypical, stigmatising narrative - but it's something that's really womrn and keeps being perpetuated. And for women, it's pd that they're trying it out.

But when that relationship ended and he began dating a woman, he says, he was shamed by some of his friends - even though they knew he was bisexual. And then some of my gay wiith took pictures of it and put it on a group chat.

You'd think there would be more empathy - but there's not. People have told his girlfriend, he says, "that you need to break up with him".

They have told her things such as: "'You'll eventually find him in bed with a man.