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I just noticed, in one of the not-so-rare times battle. My understanding is that the Battle.

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IE, cross game chat etc. That should have absolutely nothing to do with in-game features that are not tied to the real-id systems.

I say battle. Are you disconnecting from the entire game being booted to the log-in screen.

That does not mean the whole system is a sham though. It is still possible that information was getting to Blizzard. Or they disabled automatic punishments, because people were abusing AFK reporting to get the rest of their premade in….

Between the two options that the yellow text is just automated, or that there is a conspiracy to give the illusion of reporting…I think one is reasonable to believe and the other is unreasonable to believe. People are getting banned for it?

It is definitely possible it still does something. However, it takes less than 30 seconds to and entering your personal e-mail address is not required, and only necessary to receive notifications from friends, broadcasting your own cam, pay out reminders, and age verification. Nobody is obligated to tip performers but some enjoy giving to the ones that give them enjoyment.

Some people quit their jobs and just cam for a living. You could also become an affiliate and promote other cam models to earn a percentage of the tips they receive.

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