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Brentford manager Thomas Frank said: "We were okay. You will see Benkovic play when I decide to pick him.

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You will see Benkovic play when I decide to pick him. A Dr with advice on Covid and Vacines. For me Harris pre-match speech prepared himself for a defeat.

So Covid is a hoax and only affects older people!!! Brains handed it's pubs over to Marstons. Brexit solution give France Paul Pogba we keep the fish!!! Harry Wilson has lifted the lid on life at Cardiff City and.

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Out of contract at the end of this season. Possibly only.

Thought about the January window yet? Leftfield: Neil: Paul's 37, and I'm But not in mental age! Leftfield: Is it English!?! It's a made-up language. It took me 20 years to make it up!

Georgette Pascual: Are you coming to Spain at all? Leftfield: We played at the Doctor music festival in Spain. No plans to cardiff on this tour. That's nice of him! Jon: Chris from Coldplay rates you chta highly! Leftfield: Neil: That's nice! I like Coldplay too! Laws: Where is your favourite place? Coffee Cuppa: You are sounding more and more like my chat country band here in North Question from Carolina.

Who's the country music buff? Leftfield: Paul: Neil! Coffee Cuppa: You write fardiff most tender love songs I've ever heard. Who's the biggest softie in the band? Leftfield: Paul: Us? We're not Celine Cadriff Have you got the right band? Pat Tofield: Whatever happened to 'The Rivals' eh?!!? Leftfield: Were you in them? I sacked them all! Jake Loftus: Why don't you do more songs like Black Flute.

Leftfield: We do! You can only do one Black Flute, though. Arthur Jones: Do u have hairy legs? Leftfield: Neil: Yeah. I've got a hairy back. It's what happens when you get past 40! I've even got cardif on the back of my hand! Laws: What did you all want to do when you were little?

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Leftfield: Be in a band, probably. To tread the boards, dahling! Terry: are you in Cardiff right now? Having a drink and a chat. Jon: Do you see the Chemical Brothers as rivals? Leftfield: No, not really. We don't see anyone as rivals, really. There's room enough for cardiff of us. Gareth Hocking: Know any good jokes? Leftfield: No, we don't! Tell cardoff one! Jake Loftus: Who does the vocals in Original.

Leftfield: Toni Halliday. She was in a band called Curve in the 80s and early 90s. Bob Jammer: What has been the chat set you have ever played ie which gig has given you the biggest rush? Leftfield: This year, probably Glastonbury. The most people we've played to, anyway. Will: You wrote the title track for the film Shallow Grave.

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How did you get involved in that? Leftfield: Neil: Through Danny Boyle. He liked our music and sent us a script. Ray Krypton: Are you getting bored of touring yet? Leftfield: Doing the gigs is good. The travelling can get boring.

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Ask us in 2 week's time! Jake Loftus: what did you play at Glastonbury? Leftfield: Paul played drums!

Dub Glusset, Double Flash. The usual suspects. Chant of the Poor Man etc etc. George Jones: In the early days you remixed David Bowie? Did you get to meet him? Leftfield: No, we didn't! Jo: Did you mind the opening of Original being used so much as incidental music to Big Brother?

Leftfield: No, as long as they play us! They used it every second Jake Loftus: Can you buy Snakeblood? Leftfield: You can buy it on CD, but not on vinyl. It never got released on vinyl. Rob Da: have you damaged your hearing through your bass Leftfield: Pardon?

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Treble tends to damage your hearing more than bass. Anyone else you'd like to collaborate with? Leftfield: Tony Hancock! We've not really thought about it. We'll keep that information close to our chest. Bernie Winters and John Shuttleworth! Cagdiff any surprises up your sleeve? Leftfield: Yeah, we're not turning up!

We're staying in the bar here! Leftfield: Maybe. We have been asked to do another, but I don't know if it'll materialise.

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Paul Anderton: What do you think of Aphex Twin? Leftfield: Good. We're into him. He's probably the best techno artist carfiff the country. Warp's a brilliant label too. Jon: Are you coming into the Taff tonight after your gig for a chat half? Leftfield: We're not allowed in pubs. We're not old enough! Leftfield: I do like some speed garage, but I find some of that production too smooth. I prefer the more cardifr mashed two-step stuff.

Yani: Cardiff were on the soundtrack to Rogue Trader. How embarrassed are you to be associated with such a bad film? Leftfield: We're very embarrassed. Not as embarrassed as Ewan McGregor! I'm more embarrassed about Swedish Nuns On Acid.

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Gaz1: What's better, studio or live? Leftfield: They've both got their pros and cons. We don't create music live naturally.

Studio is more natural to us. Stu Bell: Did you have any say in so much music being used in that film Rogue Trader - all set before Leftism was released?