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Broadcasting chat rooms

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Broadcasting chat rooms

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Add a connection via id to a room. Throws errors if the room does not exist, or the connection is already in the room. Middleware errors also throw. Remove an existing chat room. All connections in the room will be removed.

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Configures what properties of connections in a room to return via api.

Add a new chat room. Throws an error if the room already exists.

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Add a middleware component to connection handling. Check if a room exists.

List all chat rooms created. Enablex offers platform-as-a-service communication solutions for real time messaging integration with APIs hosting possibility on public, private and cloud deployment. Their APIs are enriched with multiple communication features and engagement tools like live-polls, stickers broadcssting more. Pubnub - In-app Chat Platforms for Live Event Streaming Websites In order to increase user engagement with live and remote audiences, Pubnub roms real time messaging chat functionality with interactive features to drive event-based engagement with mass chat.

Their in-app chat feature enhances live programs, event streaming and blogging content with live polling, multiple chats and more.

How do i moderate the chat on my events?

It also enables live streaming websites to build community, channels and super groups during live streaming to bring the entire audience base to one place. With its API, businesses such as live streaming applications can integrate in-app messaging features into any streaming platforms on Android, iOS and Web to empower room engagement. Their APIs are powered broadcasting scalable infrastructure and provide multiple communication mediums such as in-app voice, video and chat proactively engaging the audience.

The chat widget gives the ability for brands and content owners to make the audience to interact with each other for better engagement and proactivity during streaming. The Firekast Live chat comes chat moderator tools that will allow administrators chhat delete or ban abusive content and users char the channel or groups. Conclusion And this is all the real time chat providers in the market to broadcating chat functionality in any live streaming or broadcasting platforms.

Ibm sametime chat rooms, broadcast communities, and instant sha…

More than delivering entertaining live nroadcasting, creating a massive engagement and buzz for every live event is the smarter way to turn every audience into a protiable subscriber. You are 13 years of age or older and your use of the Service is in compliance with the laws of the area you are using the Service from in addition to these terms.

Engaging in illegal behavior is forbidden, including but not limited to stalking, defamation, threats or encouraging others to do so. Soliciting users outside of the permitted advertising parameters or any other commercial use of the Service not otherwise permitted roomz WBS is forbidden.

You are responsible for any and all content you post to or distribute via the Service. Sharing of your real name or any other sensitive information is strongly discouraged.

Posting or distribution of illegal materials is forbidden, including but not limited to child pornography, pirated digital goods or hyperlinks to such chst materials. Pornographic imagery, audio or language is discouraged in public areas. Take it to a private room.

The Service requires you to use up-to-date web browsing software in order to better ensure it functions as deed. No legacy support for older software is necessarily provided.

WBS is funded via Patreon subscribers who WBS rewards by providing special features to members registered using the same address on both platforms. Roms Service utilizes your browsing softwares cookies small lines of text data and temporary storage features to facilitate data caching and registered member functions. No private information addresses, passwords, ip addresses, etc.

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Information you provide to the Service is not sold or otherwise disclosed to third parties except when warranted by legal authorities. Private Messages. Private chat messages are not guaranteed to be secure or private. WBS reserves the right to copy and reproduce content posted broadcastinf the Service in materials of and related to the Service.

Voiding broadcastingg clause in this agreement will not nullify the remaining clauses. Picture You can use images hosted for free on Photo Bucket or other web sites. Private Room.