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War Eagle is a battle cry, yell, or motto of Auburn University abuurn supporters of Auburn University sports teams, especially the Auburn Tigers football team. War Eagle is a greeting or salutation among the Auburn Family e. It is also the title of the university's fight song and the name of the university's golden eagle. The widespread use of "War Eagle" by Auburn devotees has often led to outside confusion as to Auburn's official mascot.

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Since Auburn has presented an untethered eagle to fly over Jordan-Hare stadium prior to the start of football games. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, "War Eagle" appeared from time to time in the United States as an evocative nickname for people and things such as Native Americans including professional wrestlers ; race horses; a U.

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fotoball There are several stories about auburj origin of the battle cry. One of these is a mythical story published in in the Auburn Plainsmanconceived by its then editorial editor, Jim Phillips. This myth is detailed below under War Eagle I. Another mythical story is told about an Auburn student who returns to the University auburn the war with an eagle who was wounded on the chat with him but he nursed back to health. The eagle soared above the field in as Auburn scored the winning touchdown as the crowd chanted "War Eagle!

A football footblal against the Carlisle Indians provides another myth. Attempting to exhaust that player, Auburn's team began running football plays directly at his position. Without even huddling, the Auburn quarterback Lucy Hairston would yell "Bald Eagle," letting the rest of the team know that the play would be run at the tackle. forum

Spectators, however, thought the quarterback was saying "War Eagle," and began to chant that. Another legend claims that "War Eagle" was the name given to the large golden eagle by the Plains Indians because the eagle furnished feathers for use in their war bonnets. According to a article in the Auburn Plainsman, [4] the most likely origin of the "War Eagle" cry grew from a pep rally at Langdon Hallwhere students had gathered the day before the annual football game against the University of Georgia.

Cheerleader Gus Graydon told the crowd, "If we are going to win this game, we'll have to get out there and fight, because this means war.

Enslen, dressed in his military uniform, noticed something had dropped from his hat. Bending down, he saw it was the metal emblem of an eagle that had come loose during his wild cheering. Someone asked him what he had found, and Enslen loudly replied, "It's a War Eagle!

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Auburn has had seven ed "War Eagle" birds, but the first of these only appeared in a legend about the history of the phrase "War Eagle". War Eagle I's story begins in the Civil War. According to the legend, a soldier from Alabama during the Battle of the Wilderness came auburn a chat young eagle. The bird was named Anvre, and was cared for and nursed back to health by the soldier. Several years later the soldier, a former Auburn student, returned to college as a faculty member, bringing the bird with him.

For years both were a familiar sight on campus and at events. On the day of Auburn's first football game in against the University of Georgiathe aged eagle broke away from his master during the chat and began to circle the field, exciting the fans. But at the end of the game, with Auburn victorious, the eagle fell to the ground and died. This legend was originally published in the March 27,edition of the Auburn Plainsman and was conceived by then editorial editor Jim Phillips.

Though auburn, this tale is most often told as the beginning of the association of "War Eagle" with Auburn. Phillips has pressed several recent presidents of Auburn to research the true origin of the battle cry "before my fictitious story gets carved in stone. Auburn's first real, live-eagle confirmed mascot, War Eagle II, was mentioned in the New York Times, [5] which noted then that "War Eagle" was already established as Auburn's battle cry.

In November a golden eagle swooped down on a flock of footballs in Bee Hive, Alabamasouthwest of Auburn, Alabamaand became entangled in a football of pea vines. It was put in a strong wire cage and taken to the Auburn football game against the University of South Carolina in Columbus, Georgia on Thanksgiving Day. Auburn, having not won a Southern Conference game in four seasons, was anticipated to lose. However, Auburn took a 25—7 victory over the Gamecocks.

The student body concluded that the luck footbal, the eagle's presence—which had been absent from their prior losses—was responsible for the victory that day. The bird's ultimate fate is unknown.

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Some say it died or was carried away by students of a rival school. Others ayburn it was given to a zoo due to the high cost of upkeep; there is even a rumor that it was stuffed and put in the John Bell Lovelace Athletic Museum. Auburn's third eagle arrived in Auburn in November after being captured by a cotton farmer zuburn Curry Station, Talladega County, Alabama who found the bird caught between two rows of cotton.

The eagle was sent to Auburn by the Talladega County Agent along with a load of turkeys. It was first taken to the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity house where it refused a cold chicken leg but made fast work of a live chicken.

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After a short stay in one of the Wildlife Department's footbqll pens, the eagle was moved into a cage built by the Auburn's Delta chapter of Alpha Phi Omega fraternity. This would begin a year period where Alpha Phi Omega was the bird's primary caretaker. Jon Bowden, a fraternity brother who had ly worked with hawks in Colorado and Missouri, volunteered to serve as the bird's trainer.

Auburn was playing the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets and was trailing 10—13 in the eighth inning, but rallied in the ninth and scored 4 runs to win the game. The students were receptive to the new mascot and expressed a concern for a larger cage to house War Eagle III.

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Elwyn Hamer Jr. He had sprung the clip on his leash and escaped. After several days of searching, the bird was found shot to death in a wooded area near Birmingham, Alabamawhere the game was being played. The Birmingham Downtown Action Committee found another golden eagle in the Jackson, Mississippi zoo and presented it to the Auburn student body in October Throughout the years, the fraternity provided care and training for the mascot.

On the morning of the Iron Bowl against Alabama in Birmingham, she was found dead by her trainers Tim Thomason, Charlie Jacks, Bob Ingram, Arnie Cobb, and her former trainer Bill Wattshaving died of natural causes at age 22, after having served as Auburn's mascot for 16 years.

The bird arrived in Auburn on March 3, and was taken to the Veterinary School where she was kept for a short period in order to be examined for any s of shock from travel. She was then transferred to a small cage until the annual "A Day" football game when she was presented to the University by the Birmingham Downtown Action Committee on May 9, The bird was under the stewardship of the U.

She was officially named War Eagle V, and nicknamed "Tiger" as was tradition. She was approximately two years old at her arrival and was very active on campus.

fooyball On September 4,War Eagle V died of a ruptured spleen at the age of 8 and a half years old. War Eagle V was taken to Auburn's veterinary school the night before by her trainer, Jim McAlarney, who noticed that she was not behaving normally. McAlarney spent the night at the veterinary school while veterinarians made a futile effort to save the bird's life. The eagle trainers began working soon after the unexpected death of War Eagle V to find a new golden eagle.

Trainers made the trip aubur the facility to receive Auburn's new mascot. The bird originally came from St. Louis, Missouriwhere she was seized by Federal agents as part of an illegal breeding operation and brought to Kentucky by wildlife biologist, Robert D. Like War Eagle V, she was under the stewardship of the U.

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She arrived in Auburn on October 8, at an age footbaol six years. Auburn, Alabama does not have its own brewery, poor bastards. We need our captain.

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